Thursday, April 8, 2010

There's something romantic about a half-dressed room...

So as I'm currently redoing my bedroom there is barely anything in it, and it makes the light that filters through my window fall across the floorboards, making me feel all sentimental-
causing me to realise how cliche it is that I'm sitting here blogging on a bed with no sheets save for a fur blanket with incense burning listening to band of horses...
HENCE feeling the need to share all of the above and these few songs and photo below. enjoy!

for wicked gil Band of horses
Hurricane Jane Black Kids
Eet Regina Spektor
Stone Thrown Turin Brakes
Oh! You pretty things David Bowie
Stolen Dashboard Confessional
Hell is around the corner Tricky
Cassandra The Galvatrons
Blindsided Bon Iver

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