Saturday, September 18, 2010


The leaves fall;
Amber flames dancing gracefully, floating downwards toward an end
(I guess you could say)
Perplexing as the world may be
I may rely on the amber dancers,
They will come, and they will go

And I would like nothing more than to have a window seat as I watch.

An unmistakable sound, tapping on the roof;
Vast dizzying heights from which they fall, gods and goddesses of the cold
(if you so choose to imagine)
As surely as the leaves abandon their lives on branches,
The shiny beads of rain will greet my world like an old friend
They will come, and they will go

And I would like nothing more than to have a big fluffy cushion on my window seat.

Like friends that are now drifting apart; the rain and the ground.
New life will sprout, battling soldiers fight from earth and leaves: once lost, now replaced
(tick, tock, tick, tock, I know everyone will be waiting for what comes next)
The best part of this season is the glowing expectation
The one sure thing that it is okay to believe in (at least I think so)
The rain will slowly fade away into irrelevance to me as steadily as my heart beats
As surely as it comes, it will go

And I would also like to have music to fill my eardrums, as I sit upon my window seat

Steady, hot as you would never have imagined, not so long ago;
Dry roads, dry grass, water bans and swimming pools
(and barbeques as Australians do best?)
If we are defined by this season alone, we have this time to live brightly
As those crops struggle in the heat, and water is taken by the atmosphere
Each and every day we are competing with the sun for its splendour and attention
And children play, families unite, skin burns and perspires

I would like to sit now, I have my perfect window seat.
I am comfortable with my view of the world as it changes
I have music I can match to the images that my mind transforms into meaning

And I wait
As a continuous circle unfolds that is life
And I know of my insignificance to the greater scheme of things
Yet at the same time;
I never want to be lost into the whirlpool that is life
(we all get lost at times)

And time and temperatures and elements come and they go: I am an amber dancer, I am the beads of rain greeting my old friend the earth, I am a sprouting soldier, I am one degree hotter than yesterday and I face a struggle for existence each and every new day,
And I am insignificant

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